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ONION SHAMPOO BAR (Handmade) All Naturals

ONION SHAMPOO BAR (Handmade) All Naturals

25 AED

About this craft

Onion shampoo is excellent to stimulate blood circulation and expedite hair growth. Onion helps prevent premature greying of hair. Very good at hair follicle nourishment and help restore lost nutrients to your scalp. It has potent anti-bacterial properties and help fight infections of the scalp. This in turn helps reduce hair fall as scalp infections can cause massive loss of hair. Onions lends a healthy shine to hair, also makes your hair uninhabitable for lice. This add volume by using regularly. This fight dandruff owing to their rich anti-bacterial properties.

Ingredients: fresh onion, onion skin, ginger, fresh aloe vera juice, fresh curry leaves, anise seeds, virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, unrefined shea butter, ghee butter, coffee, apple cider vinegar, castor oil and peppermint.

Herbal scent; No artificial color; All Naturals

“Being a natural handmade product there might be mild variations in scent, shape and color’’

Tip: You can request custom made crafts from this seller