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Ekaterina Stepnova

I offer handmade cat-inspired gifts: felt cats, accessories, cat-shaped pillows and lavender sachets, catnip toys and cat rugs.

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Free Hand Designs

Free Hand Designs. Hand painted touch of art on Clothes, Permanent colors, Get your item personalized or choose from available stock. Customers ...

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Goodies of Happiness

I believe happiness is in the smallest things in life. A little color here, some little moments there and everything little that makes our life bea...

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HaLwa by NouRa

A sewing enthusiast. Talent by passion. Every crafts handmade by me with love. I believe happiness make circle

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Hi everyone! Handmade bead bags for sale PM for orders. Mobile no 00971 (528093832)

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iqra Sundas

i actually start it as my hobby. But now i actually want to make it my profession. i am hoping to get good response.

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Janna Charskaya

I am a Russian designer living and working in Dubai for the past 6 years. I’ve graduated from the major in the History of Art in my home city of Ek...

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Jeny merin fabeer

Hi , I am Jeny , an Indian married with three year old boy. Recently I tried making jewellery. When I googled I found craftihood to sell my items...

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Julia B

I have an inspiration coming from my soul to make something unique and different from what people are used to see. Whatever I make is in one and on...

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