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About Craftihood

Founded in February of 2017 and based in Dubai, UAE, Craftihood is a trusted community marketplace for people to list and discover unique handmade goods in the UAE.

We started this project to bring together the community of makers of the UAE and to better connect the demand and offer of handmade products in this region.

If you are an artisan, a maker, or you simply love to discover handmade goods Craftihood is your place.

Yes. Craftihood is operated under The Garage Events FZ LLE. All rights are registered and reserved under The Garage Events FZ LLE e-commerce license.

How do I sign up?

Just go to the login page and sign up using either your Facebook or Google account. At the moment we do not support any other sign up method.

How much does it cost?

Craftihood is completely free to use! We do not charge makers to place any listing nor we take any percentage on the sales of any craft. Craftihood aims to primarily help users discovering and connecting with new makers, we don't support any online transaction at the moment.

How do I create my personal catalogue?

Creating your catalogue is extremely easy.

  1. Sign up on Craftihood
  2. Create your profile
    Example of profile creation
  3. Fill your catalogue with your crafts
    Example of craft creation