Janna Charskaya

I am a Russian designer living and working in Dubai for the past 6 years. I’ve graduated from the major in the History of Art in my home city of Ekaterinburg.

My interest has always been more than just knowledge about paintings, architecture, and sculpture. Right from the beginning I had an impulse to create the concept of my own accessories brand. That concept is the Art of Living.

Every second of life is precious and I create pieces that are a testimony to this; pieces that bring a special touch to each moment of life; it hint, at the essence and philosophy of a sophisticated person with a great taste.

My collections include all styles of accessories for women that reveal femininity; cufflinks and bracelets for men that emphasize masculine aesthetics; a special range for couples seeking to show their love for one another; and pieces for the home that let each individual create their own personal space.

I love to experiment and combine different materials such as glass, wood, crystal, paint, clay, stone, and silver. My style is a fusion of Orientalism and a blend of Western and Russian cultures.

In a world of mass production, I design unique one-off pieces in the passionate belief that each person is their own universe and having their own particular character, values, style, and path in life.

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