Festive gift pouch - 7cm

Festive gift pouch - 7cm

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About this craft

Once upon a time there was a gentleman. This gentleman thought of an idea and when Christmas day arrived, he pretended that he did not have a single present under the tree. His lady couldn't hide her disappointment...
"You didn't get me anything?"
"Look around a bit closer and in more details!" replied the man.
Then the lady looked and searched for minutes until she saw an unusual decoration on the tree. It was a little Xmas pouch in festive colours. That was her packaging which was hiding her beautiful and carefully chosen diamond ring that Xmas. She found a message too: "Will you marry me...?"

This is just one of the items this little pouch can hold. Hang it on the tree or hide it elsewhere, it is a beautiful and carefully made item.

Available in two sizes: 7cm or 12cm
Available with or without loop to hang.

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